Data Backup & Recovery

Prevent Data Loss in the Event of an Attack

Backups are an Essential Component of Your Cyber Defense
The amount that ransomware has cost US businesses in downtime.
The old adage in IT is that the most important things are backups and backups. Our dependence on data grows more important every day. There are a lot of cheap backup systems available, but the experts will tell you this simple fact: the more critical the data the more sound your backup solutions need to be.

At EDTS Cyber, our backup solutions are robust and redundant because your data and applications demand it. Our solutions backup your data as often as every 15 minutes to ensure your data loss is minimal in the case of a system malfunction or cyber attack.

The Benefits of Having High Standards for Backups

As a leading provider of security and disaster recovery services, we support hundreds of companies in a wide range of industries nationwide.

Our certified engineers provide expertise and oversight for businesses continuity from our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center and multiple backup locations throughout the US.

Excellent backups are the key to minimal productivity losses—even while our Incident Response team is working behind the scenes to address a threat actor.

Your backups should not only guard your files, but your operating systems and settings as well. EDTS Cyber sources cutting-edge backup solutions that provide ongoing verification that backups are working correctly. 


Resume Operations in as Early as 15 Minutes

Your RTO, or Recovery Time Objective, is how much time transpires from the time your server goes down to the time your server is back up. In the past, it wasn’t uncommon for a company to spend 4-5 days to set up a new server and restore data on that server. The EDTS Cyber solution gets you back up in as little as 15 minutes!

Lose Minutes Instead of Days or Months

Your RPO, or Recovery Point Objective, is how much data is lost during downtime while you restore your server. If you backup once a day each night, you could potentially lose up to 24 hours of data. We've helped large, multi-site clients move from a worst case scenario of one week of data loss down to a worst case scenario of 15 minutes of data loss!

Meet Compliance Requirements

Protect records from accidental deletion of malicious alterations to satisfy:

  • CJIS Policy Area 8
  • HIPAA Code 164


Intrusion Detection

Your system is imaged in multiple places to allow for contingencies. In the event of a disaster, your users may never know there was a problem.

Fast Cutover

We can switch you over to our backup appliances at the first sign of an issue. Our cutover times are 5-7 minutes on average. Using our virtual backup solution, there is no lost productivity time whatsoever. This prevents your employees from sitting idly, lost sales, lost productivity and more.

Mobile Device Backups

The EDTS Cyber security and recovery solutions span your entire network and also feature specific components for the data you store on company mobile phones.

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