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Empower Your Human Firewall with New School Simulated Phishing
of Data Breaches Begin with a Spear Phishing Email
Spear phishing emails imitate messages from trusted peers, clients, and executives in order to manipulate the recipient into voluntarily "allowing" the hacker into your network. What's worse, a majority of successful phishing attacks bypass IT security fundamentals, like your firewall and antivirus.
Twice-annual Security Awareness Training is recommended as a front-line of defense for your business.
Phishing Click-through Rate


Drastically Reduce Your Employees' Phish Prone Percentage

Average results show a 50% reduction in phish test failures in the first 90 days. Simulated phishing training is a cost-effective way to decrease your breach risk. 


Decreased Burden on Your IT Department and Managers

Users are automatically enrolled in additional training modules based on the time of their last training or phish test click.
Phishing Alert
Phishing Dashboard


Increased Reporting to IT and/or IR Team

An increased recognition and reporting of actual phishing activity leads to better proof of accountability and a lower time to discover potential security incidents. 

Online Training with User Portal

Our highly interactive, scenario-based modules are designed for staff, managers, and executives in any industry, with custom modules for industries that deal with personally identifiable information. In addition to the training modules, your employees are sent randomized imitation phishing emails.

Email Security & Phishing Awareness

  • Recognize a malicious email before it can become a threat
  • Understand the various ways in which attackers try to trick and entice users to trigger malicious events through email
  • Test your phishing know-how with ongoing simulated phishing tests

Ransomware Awareness

  • Understand the goals of ransomware
  • Identify the many types of malware
  • Recognize how to prevent malware infection, both at work and at home

Social Engineering Defense

  • Identify the many forms of social engineering and potential impacts
  • Identify techniques used by social engineers
  • Understand how to establish validity of requests, in order to perform daily business functions in light of the threat of social engineers

CEO Fraud

  • Uncover the most dangerous spoofing and social engineering attacks
  • Identify the signs of CEO fraud and stake steps to avert falling for the trap

Safe Web Browsing

  • Practice the basics of safe web browsing
  • Learn safe social media practices

Password Security

  • Recognize the risks surrounding password security
  • Identify safeguards used to protect passwords
  • Summarize techniques used by attackers in obtaining passwords
  • Learn to create and remember strong passwords, eliminating the need to turn to insecure practices

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