Security Assessments

M&A Risk Assessment

Gain visibility into potential risks to your private data and your compliance status before a significant business transaction.

The single greatest risk during this time, when two companies come together or split apart, is with your IT security.

Business valuations, especially in the case of medical companies, now include evaluating the compliance and cyber security standing of the company. Because breaches are reducing the value of businesses, it’s prudent for purchasing companies to contract with a third party like EDTS Cyber for security assessments and audits. We work with every type of hardware and software in all sectors and industries.

M&A Risk Assessments Include:

In-Depth Assessment
Certified Security Auditors assess both companies - before, during and after the M&A process.
Executive Summary
We come to you and present an executive summary of all findings so you can ask your questions and leave with the answers.
Gap Analysis
Any and all gaps in your security architecture, detection, and prevention policies and practices are reported to you before they could lead to a dangerous opening during your transition
Roadmap to Remediation
Immediately understand how to address security gaps
Targeted Recommendations
Better formulate your budget and priorities according to our team's remediation recommendations.
Optional Support Contracts
Short or long term support contracts to handle remediation and integration tasks and support.

The Benefits of M&A Risk Assessments

The M&A Risk Assessment is one of our primary assessment consultations designed for your enterprise-wide defense during mergers and acquisitions with other companies.
Our M&A Risk Assessments not only help provide protection before, during and after these challenging transitions, but they also help companies meet compliance requirements that can negatively affect business valuation.

Demonstrate Your Compliance

  • Avoid harsh penalties for failing to comply with data protection standards
  • Know the compliance standing of the entities involved in your transaction
Peace of Mind

Gain Peace of Mind

  • Reassure your customers employees that they are in safe hands through the transition
  • Protect your business valuation

Benefit from an Unbiased Expert

  • Sound judgment based 20 years of assessment experience
  • Top industry certifications
  • A thorough understanding of the technologies deployed in your environment

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