Security Assessments

Compromise Assessments

A Forensic Review of Past Network Activity to Detect Previous Breaches

Investigate Symptoms of a Breach

As you work to strengthen your security stack, you may wonder whether suspicious activities like a compromised company email address or a neglected software patch are signs of a breach. A Compromise Assessment allows experienced, certified professionals to examine your systems for indicators of past and current data leaks, giving you peace of mind about the state of your network.

Know. Respond. Report.

You will work with our Certified Auditors to review your critical systems for indicators of compromise. If our team finds evidence of compromise, our Incident Response Team is available to help you investigate and remediate the consequences of the incident.
Following an assessment, your company will be positioned to fulfill the reporting requirements of compliance rules, if applicable, and to gain a competitive edge over companies in your industry who are not yet tackling cybersecurity issues head-on.

The Compromise Assessment Examines All Critical Systems For:

Indicators of Compromise
Known Threats & Vulnerabilities
Abnormal Logins
Suspicious Insider Activity
Unusual Port Activity
Disabled Audit Trails

The Benefits of a Compromise Assessment


Fulfill Your Breach Reporting Responsibilities



Performed by a Certified Cyber Forensics Professional with our Incident Response Team Standing By


Gain Peace of Mind and A More Secure Company Moving Forward


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