Managed Security

DataDefend™: Comprehensive Managed Security for Breach Detection

Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) managed by world-class analysts from our Security Operations Center (SOC)
of breaches are financially motivated, with consumer data as a primary target, followed closely by company trade secrets and financials.1

Hackers are in Pursuit of Your Customers' Data

The top four affected industries are financial, healthcare, the public sector, and retail & accommodation —industries in which consumer data is rich and valuable to cyber criminals. But other industries are becoming more frequently targeted every day, particularly small-to-midsized organizations within every industry. 


93% of breaches can be traced back to email.¹

Email phishing leads to accidental clicks and downloads that allow hackers in through your front door. These criminals subsequently dig into your files and monitor your network for sensitive information.

These attacks can be detected by a combination of endpoint and network monitoring by trained security analysts using a teachable alert system with threat hunting capabilities. That's why we've sourced the best technology, security stack, and analysts to bring you DataDefend™.
1 Verizon Data Breach Index Report 2018


The Benefits of Endpoint MDR (DataSentry™) with Robust Network & Cloud IDS and SIEM

DataDefend™ is an integrated security monitoring service that monitors and alerts at the vital host, network, cloud, and file levels. With activities logged and correlated by SIEM technology, our solution allows are analysts to make real-time, informed decisions based on a robust dashboard view of your network.
A perfect managed security plan for companies seeking to detect intrusions and meet compliance regulations, DataDefend™ provides a robust, all-in-one security service capable of standing up to today's sophisticated threats.

Improve your compliance standing:

  • Pass compliance audits
  • Avoid incidents cause by poor compliance standing
  • Provide those in your care with advanced protection
Data Breach

Defend against the consequences of a breach:

  • Identity & Credential Theft
  • Ransomware
  • Consumer Data Theft
  • Botnet Activity
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Loss of Consumer Trust
  • Social Engineering
  • Unauthorized Funds Transfer

Streamlined Incident Response

  • We review network activity within the past 12 months or more
  • We report and make adjustments based on accurate insights
  • We locate the source and location of unauthorized network entry for immediate response

DataDefend™ Defends Your
Business Against:

Data Compromise


Unauthorized access to your systems via a server or computer resulting in manipulated, deleted, or stolen records

File-less Malware


...And other destructive programs that go unnoticed by even advanced antivirus until they are wreaking havoc on your system

Botnet Activity


Covert, remote access and control of a computer to perform criminal activity

System Monitoring


Covert, remote monitoring of device activity in order to gain intelligence

Identity & Credential Theft


Spyware, keyloggers, and look-alike emails and websites designed to capture sensitive information

Zero-day Threats


Software vulnerabilities that have not been discovered by the developer but have been uncovered by hackers

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After Detection, We Respond

While our advanced threat detection technology can discover breaches within minutes, it is critical that a business take the appropriate actions to contain and eradicate the threat. That's why we have a dedicated Incident Response Team poised to investigate and contain malicious activity.

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