Compliance Management

CJIS Audit Preparation Assessment

Experienced compliance auditors review your practices and provide a clear roadmap to a better compliance standing.

Be Over-Prepared for Your Next CJIS Audit

EDTS Cyber partners with criminal justice agencies to achieve a better compliance standing. CJIS compliance is simple — but not easy. You don't have to face your audit alone.

Our CJIS compliance assessments are for government agencies seeking to align themselves with best practices and remain in excellent standing with the CJIS Division.


The Benefits of a CJIS Assessment

Our CJIS Audit Preparedness Assessment consists of a thorough, unbiased look at your organization's processes against the CJIS framework. An experienced auditor will compile his or her findings in an executive summary, presented in person to your team, along with recommendations for remediating any issues you may have.

Demonstrate Your Compliance

  • Maintain your access to criminal justice records with safe data handling practices.
  • Know where your company would stand if a compliance auditor visited your facility tomorrow.

Gain Better Overall Security

  • Guard the sanctity of the data in your systems.
  • Follow best practices and identify hard to detect compliance gaps.
  • Position your organization to avoid today's threats, such as ransomware and keyloggers.

Benefit From an Unbiased Expert

  • We work with your IT Department in a friendly, professional manner.
  • EDTS Cyber has vetted vendor status in SC and GA.
  • Our seasoned auditors look at your IT security to provide you with a fresh, evidence-based perspective.

What's Included

In-Depth Assessment
Our Certified Security Auditors assess your company using the whole CJIS compliance framework.
Executive Summary
We come to you and present an executive summary of all findings so you can ask your questions and leave with the answers.
Gap Analysis
Any and all gaps in your security architecture, detection, and prevention policies and practices are reported to you before they could lead to a ransomware infection or data breach.
Roadmap to Remediation
Immediately understand how to address security gaps.
Targeted Recommendations
Better formulate your budget and priorities according to our team's remediation recommendations.
CJIS Partners

Local & Federal Government Experience

It is crucial to partner with a proven I.T. security provider that can implement a solid security framework around your critical systems. In addition to CJIS audit readiness assessments, EDTS Cyber provides ongoing managed security services for the criminal justice industry. 

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