Active Patrol and Defense

24x7 Real-Time Monitoring

From EDTS Cyber's Security Operations Center (SOC), Certified Analysts use both best-in-breed and leading edge tools along with expert skills to identify threats to your assets.

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Event Investigation & Incident Notification

When our team is alerted to a threat in your network, we take immediate, comprehensive action, keeping you informed along the way.

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Threat Hunting

A systematic, proactive approach utilized by our Cyber Threat Hunters to seek out active and emerging threats to your systems.

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Attack Snare

Honeypot defense developed by EDTS Cyber: decoy targets deployed on your network to detect, deflect and counteract unauthorized access.

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Active Playback

Allows our Cyber Analysts to replay network traffic during an investigation — crucial to determine the details of an incident and to provide visibility of any data stolen from your network.

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Data Security & Recovery

Comprehensive security strategies include solid backup, recovery, and business continuity solutions.

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Respond To A Breach

Incident Response & Remediation

It's not a matter of if a business will be involved in an incident, but when. Our Incident Response & Remediation Team takes on the most complex scenarios in an organized and systematic way to understand and stop the threat, recover operations, and, if needed, perform advanced forensics. Our team follows the best practices of NIST, SANS Institute, and Carnegie Mellon incident response frameworks.

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Prepare Your Team

Security Awareness Training

Highly interactive, scenario-based modules designed for general staff in roles such as human resources, legal, marketing, financial, sales, operations, and customer service.

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Social Engineering Defense

EDTS Cyber's hands-on approach to lessening the threat posed by hackers' most effective tactic. Customized, economical management of your security awareness training and protocols.

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Table Top Exercises

This readiness exercise presents theoretical incident scenarios to your staff. Working through various exercises is essential for your team members to understand their individual roles and responsibilities. By assigning and performing the various moves and actions in a controlled environment, your team will be more prepared and coordinated during an actual incident.

Know Who To Trust

EDTS Cyber performs all services in-house, using our own highly trained staff and Security Operations Center. Because we don't outsource any services, you benefit from the visibility and accountability of our team to yours.

Our Cyber Team Members are experienced and hold the highest security certifications in the industry.

Advanced Networks and Virtual Environments are challenging to defend. Not only does our team understand the full security framework, we are experts in advanced infrastructure and know how to transverse complicated networks to track down and eradicate threats and intruders.



Certified Information Systems Security Professional


Certified Cyber Forensics Professional


Certified Information Systems Auditor


Certified Ethical Hacker


Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator


GIAC Certified Incident Handler


GIAC Certified ISO-27000 Specialist


Information Systems Security Engineer

NSA 4011

Natl. Security Agency Standards for Federal Security

NSA 4013A

Natl. Security Agency Standards for Federal Security


Cisco Certified Security Professional


Cisco Internet Security Specialist


Cisco Firewall Specialist


Certified Wireless Security Professional


WatchGuard Certified Security Expert


WatchGuard Certified System Professional


Certified SonicWALL Security Administrator


Fortinet Certified Network Security Administrator

MCSE + Security

Additional Security Certification

CCNA Security

Additional Cisco Security Certification


Extensible Content Security


Extensible Threat Management

CompTIA Security

Advanced Security Certification


Additional Internet Security Certification

CompTIA Healthcare

Certified Healthcare Technician


Certified Internet Web Professional