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Cybersecurity Whitepapers

At EDTS Cyber, we strive to keep our clients informed of the latest topics in cybersecurity. Our resources offer insight into managing threats, improving security, employing effective preventative measures, and more.

Cybersecurity Solutions Comparison Sheet


If you need to implement cybersecurity and SOC services, you have 3 primary options: Managed MSSP, Managed MSP, or In-House. Within those categories, you'll find a wide range of potential solutions and costs, but here is a high-level look at the common differences between the three.

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What are the 5 Basic Layers of Cybersecurity?


In the past year, you've witnessed major cybersecurity breaches that alarm you to the core, but translating news headlines into actionable insights for your company can be a challenge. 

This whitepaper will arm you with the knowledge of the 5 essentials layers of cybersecurity, that you can use as a best practice tool for policy conversations with your colleagues and board of directors.

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