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About Our Webinars

At EDTS Cyber, next to defense, education is our primary mission. We strive to be "the knowledge in technology." Everyone working in the IT field or serving as an executive or member of the board must become proficient in the cyber sector. It’s where business is conducted in our new digital age. Together, we must work to defend infrastructure, networks, devices, apps, and the people who work in almost every industry and field.


Our webinars include:

  • Presentations by experienced & certified cybersecurity professionals
  • Live chat and Q & A
  • Online sign-up and email reminders
  • Unlimited attendance—sign up solo or with your department
  • Recording of live event

While there is a growing awareness of cybersecurity,
it is still immature.

EDTS Cyber is comprised of a dedicated team of professionals in the cybersecurity sector who want to make our world a safer place. We want to make it safer for all companies, especially those who don’t have the same financial resources that bigger businesses have.


Past Webinars

How Cybersecurity Can Save You Money and Why Your Business Well-being May Depend On It


Originally presented in February 2018, this webinar, titled "The Last Business Standing: How Cybersecurity Can Save You Money and Why Your Business Wellbeing May Depend On It," covers the basics of developing a cybersecurity strategy for your business. 

Length: 30 minutes

Speaker: Robert Smith, IT Audit Manager, EDTS Cyber (MBA, CISA, CISSP, CEH)

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Cybersecurity: MSP vs In-House vs MSSP

Originally presented in June 2018, this webinar, titled "MSP vs In-House vs MSSP" covers a wide range of potential solutions - and costs - for protecting your business from cyber attacks. We provide a high-level look at the common differences between the three options. 

Length: 45 minutes

Speaker: Delano Collins, Chief Information Officer, EDTS Cyber (CISSP, CISM, CASP, C|EH)

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