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Protect Your Data, Fortify Your Brand

Why is EDTS Cyber the right company to safeguard your brand and your network from cyber threats?

One Place for Comprehensive Cyber Protection

EDTS Cyber guides your company through the entire Security Lifecycle, delivering a tailored suite of Audit/Assessment, Real-Time Monitoring, and Incident Response/Remediation services to protect your livelihood from a daily onslaught of cyber threats. We know how to protect your data, whether it is at rest, in transit, or in the cloud.

The EDTS Cyber Approach: ARMOR

EDTS Cyber's certified team helps you responsibly guard your company data using advanced processes, cutting-edge technology, and comprehensive solutions.

Leveraging 20 years of Information Security Experience

EDTS Cyber is the sister company to EDTS, a trusted MSP with a twenty-year history of providing high-quality managed information technology and compliance services to information industries, such as government and healthcare.

Because our roots are in IT infrastructure, data security, and compliance assessments, EDTS Cyber can provide customized solutions to your IT setup so that it fits like a glove. We traverse complex virtual environments and networks to track down and eradicate threats and intruders.
Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

Our People Make a Difference

  • Solely dedicated to your security
  • Team members specialize in one or two stages of the security lifecycle
  • Possess the most coveted certifications in the industry
  • Ongoing education is required and compensated

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Cutting Edge Technology

Integrated, Scalable All-in-One Solutions

  • Department of Defense-grade tools
  • Proprietary SIEM interface
  • Nationally leading vendor-partners
  • Able to monitor your network regardless of your location and number of offices
Our Technology
Our Facilities

Secure Facilities

A World-Class SOC Located in the Silicon Valley of the South

  • Dedicated 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Multi-layer physical security including fenced and gated enclosure
  • Dedicated secure forensics lab

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