Delano Collins
9 Apr 2019

On March 5th, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) proposed amendments to the Safeguards Rule and Privacy Rule under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (“GLBA”).  These amendments are significant in several ways. However, the most impactful will be the...

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Data breaches are extremely common, but still shocking to consumers. In 2017, roughly 54% of companies experienced a successful cyber attack of some degree of severity (Source). Data breaches are not only becoming more frequent, but they are also becoming more expensive. In addition, the law is increasingly holding companies accountable for data security.

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According to research by Sophos, 32% of people advising others on cyber security matters fail to recognize today's basic threats. With the growing national attention on cybersecurity, it's no surprise that opportunists are flocking to capitalize on fresh business opportunity.

As a business owner or IT decision-maker looking for cybersecurity services, how can you identify the qualified providers?

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We talk with many company leaders who have implemented the fundamentals of cyber security but still feel unprepared to face today's cyber attacks.

Anti-virus, anti-malware, firewall, data backups, phishing awareness education for employees, and encryption of sensitive data are often deployed and managed in-house or by a managed I.T. services provider. The importance of these I.T. security fundamentals is indisputable—but a majority of breaches happen behind the firewall. 

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According to research commissioned by IBM, the ideal spend on Cyber Security is 9.8 to 13.7% of your I.T. budget. [1] This percentage is estimated to grow along with the increased integration of security into all facets of I.T. infrastructure.

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