Delano Collins
15 Feb 2019

GDPR Data Protection Guide

In a previous article, I reviewed several critical GDPR requirements.  In this article, I want to discuss the Data Protection mandate

Data Protection is Your Responsibility

GDPR requires organizations to implement...

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Some are riding the Cyber-Wave, only to leave innocent business owners in their wake. 

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On May 3, 2018, South Carolina Governor McMaster signed into law the South Carolina Department of Insurance Data Security Act. The Act intends to protect personal information managed by insurance agencies, brokers, and carriers in South Carolina from cybersecurity threats. South Carolina is the first state to implement a comprehensive cybersecurity law covering the insurance industry following 2017’s NAIC Insurance Data Security Model Law.

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Reprinted with Permission from Behind the Counter, a Community Journals Publishing Group

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The risks organizations face from cyber threats are at epidemic levels.  The threats are sophisticated, attack your weakest links (your employees) and are continuing to evolve at an alarming rate.  Here are some of the most effective cyber scams EDTS Cyber sees facing organizations today. 

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