Delano Collins
15 Feb 2019

GDPR Data Protection Guide

In a previous article, I reviewed several critical GDPR requirements.  In this article, I want to discuss the Data Protection mandate

Data Protection is Your Responsibility

GDPR requires organizations to implement...

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In a recent SANS Survey of IT Professionals who voiced concerns about endpoint security, several alarming patterns emerged, all pointing to continued escalation of risk to organizations of every size.

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Let us start by saying that the Dark Web can be a dangerous place for the inexperienced user. Drugs, illegal software, murder for hire, hacked user accounts and other illicit services are just a few of the things found there. As a business owner, you should also be concerned about where your data is at and who has access to it. A number of identity theft protection services and standalone providers are now offering “Dark Web” monitoring.

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Tis the Season...

Many of us will be purchasing holiday gifts online this year. Before you make any online purchases, please consider the following tips for safe online shopping from the National Cyber Security Alliance:

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Given the abbreviation NGFW, Next Generation Firewalls are rapidly becoming one of the most critical features of any cybersecurity defense. These newer types of firewalls go far beyond the older, traditional port-based firewalls to include multi-purpose security defenses and identity-based application controls. While NGFW does lack a certified definition, there are a number of real benefits this security equipment has that is unrivaled by the conventional alternatives.

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