Delano Collins
9 Apr 2019

On March 5th, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) proposed amendments to the Safeguards Rule and Privacy Rule under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (“GLBA”).  These amendments are significant in several ways. However, the most impactful will be the...

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Supply chain attacks are on the rise and putting many companies at risk. Microsoft and F-Secure Service Technology have provided statistics that show these types of attacks are on the rise and are causing billions of dollars in losses to global firms. Maersk Shipping was hit by NotPetya through the injection of the malware into an ME Doc software on one machine. This one machine caused an estimated $200-$300 Million in damages to the organization. Had some fundamental practices been in place, the organization could have reduced the damage from the infection.

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Let us start by saying that the Dark Web can be a dangerous place for the inexperienced user. Drugs, illegal software, murder for hire, hacked user accounts and other illicit services are just a few of the things found there. As a business owner, you should also be concerned about where your data is at and who has access to it. A number of identity theft protection services and standalone providers are now offering “Dark Web” monitoring.

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Given the abbreviation NGFW, Next Generation Firewalls are rapidly becoming one of the most critical features of any cybersecurity defense. These newer types of firewalls go far beyond the older, traditional port-based firewalls to include multi-purpose security defenses and identity-based application controls. While NGFW does lack a certified definition, there are a number of real benefits this security equipment has that is unrivaled by the conventional alternatives.

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Phishing is a social engineering tactic used by hackers to gain access to a network through an unsuspecting email click or attachment download. Since 91% of breaches in 2017 began with an email, you can bet that email phishing is toward the top of your IT department's list of security threats.

If phishing is feared, then it's safe to say that spear phishing is abhorred. Spear phishing is essentially well-researched phishing.

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